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Wow, thinking that title is way too thought provoking and deep for this post, but hey it’s an intro for today:0)

It’s kind of funny, I’m writing to the whole world like they are actually listening…..huh!. even though they aren’t I’m going to keep on pretending:0)

Recently my friend and I were talking about the natural history museum in London. She was wondering weather to take here 2 boys?.
The thing is, why on earth would you take your child to a see a load of dead animals ? Basically a dead zoo!
The dinosaur bones where pretty amazing though :0)

Some times in life you some how just imagine stuff, or don’t question what you’re told….. Since being with my husband I’ve discovered a lot of my learnt ideas of history or things in general aren’t completely correct.
Heres a few that shocked me…..

1) cave men were’t around when the dinosaurs stomped earth!!!! At first I really couldn’t believe this was true!! I guess The Flintstone could be why I thought this!.

2) Only blind people could tune pianos!!! I think I believed this because our tuner at primary school was blind?

3) my dad has always said ” a couple of Three ” so stupidly I believed a couple was 3 things not 2! All my life I believed this. No wonder I never did well in Maths.




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