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Hey big wide world
I’ve been thinking of all the things I could write on my blog and now I finally got it up and running my mind has gone blank………
So I’m sat next to my 6yr son at the breakfast bar in our kitchen trying to rack my brain (which has been brain washed by cbeebies or Disney) of all the things I wanted to include in this first post ! I found being able to consontrate a luxury once you become a parent and god forbid you want to use the phone….. it’s like you children have some sick sense, they leave what ever game they are quielty play and home in on you in desperate need to talk to you or ask you for something…. Don’t get me wrong I’m always on call to them 24hrs a day for what ever they need but WHY at that moment in time do they become desperate for you attention?

Well is seem’s I may have a few minutes spare, so I better learn to type fast……….When looking at other peoples blogs most people write a profile about themselves. For some reason i find that hard! Informing the world how wonderful … Sometimes it sounds like a lonely heart’s advert.



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