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Monthly Archives: August 2012


Why are swimming pools so loud? It’s like a  muffled sound of water splashing screaming. I’m sure it’s in shape of the building but at outside swimming pool is just as loud……. 


 Queuing,lining-up, single file, one behind the other…….is this this such a English thing ? Is it not just good manners to wait for your turn ? 

Many of us are just programmed to wait our turn, but I’m sure that the words good manner’s doesn’t pop into our head as we wait. 

When  you enter a  queue you suddenly become  territorial you are now in charge of  policing the small area around you but without moving. 

You had  know idea before joining the queue you would be catapulted in to becoming a police man/women. You eyes become wide looking out for anyone who’s breaking the laws of queuing. Anyone who try’s to jump-in push-in will be surreally be on  jumped on, arrested and maybe jailed. Some people will just let the criminal’s jump in……but you just can’t let it go, politeness has passed and anger will pop out of your mouth. 


Next you start to check you have enough space around you, no one must be invading your personal space, if this is the case, most people will try and resolve the issue by suggestive body language ( stretching out, pushing back on to the person). If the invasion persists you will now be feeling more territorial about your space  and will probably ask the person to move back and give you some room….

 Key points to remember:

1) You can only ask someone behind you to do this as if you could move forward you probably wouldn’t be queuing in the first place.

2) make sure the person you are about to embark on a conversation which is constructed of many intelligent word  is not bigger then you or your queuing days may be over.


By joining a queue you  now also have the power to moan as much as you like about the queue, other people will agree with you and add to the moaning. You can guaranty people will be clock watching and comparing times they have been waiting. And the golden question ” why is it taking so long?”.  Fellow queues will now be managing the staff ” they should have put more people behind the bar working”. 


Finally it’s your turn, HOORAY

The lady/man says ” sorry about the wait” 

You say ” that’s ok not to worry”.


Why do we say this ? 



There is a man called karl pilkington, He is famous for his various belief’s and takes on life. Somehow I feel I have a lot in common with him. I tend to say stuff with out thinking or just come up with my own beliefs and when I say it out loud people just laugh.

So I thought I might tell you a few……..

A couple of years ago we went to Lego Land in windsor. It was the first time i had been. I couldn’t wait to see everything built out of Lego. So we walk through the gates, I looked out towards the city of Lego. Then i turned to my husband and said ,

Me, ” Now that is absolutely amazing, did they build that?”

Husband , ” what”

Me, ” that castle”

( my husband starts laughing)

Husband, ” that is Windsor castle and it Is definitely not made out of Lego, it belongs to the queen and we are in Windsor”

I felt a little embarrassed, because when you look properly, you can actually see it’s not made out of lego bricks.

Maybe I could write and suggest they have ago? Think they would need to use duplo as its much bigger!

You never know David camoron could get involve and he could use tax payers Money to Fund it !!!!

I shall continue this blog later.

Everning world, :0)

What a manic day I’ve had! It started with my dad calling from out side my house at 7.30 am! ( My dad and brother are currently building a very posh shed for me) I haven’t lived at home for years, so I was completely freaked out, and jumped out of bed very confused!

My family live nearly 2hrs away. The boys get very excited when they go to visit. So this morning I told them they were going to granny Ang and grandad grumps for a sleep over…… Massive MISTACk! 8am it started “when are we going?” ” are we leaving yet?” “can we go now?” OMG! They were following me around like sheep….It was driving me absolutly CRAZY! I wanted to hide. By 1pm the they wanted to sit in the car….. Finally at 2pm we set off.Then the are we there yet,grrr!

I have  to say I’ve never been so pleased to arrive at me parents house :0)


Wow, thinking that title is way too thought provoking and deep for this post, but hey it’s an intro for today:0)

It’s kind of funny, I’m writing to the whole world like they are actually listening…..huh!. even though they aren’t I’m going to keep on pretending:0)

Recently my friend and I were talking about the natural history museum in London. She was wondering weather to take here 2 boys?.
The thing is, why on earth would you take your child to a see a load of dead animals ? Basically a dead zoo!
The dinosaur bones where pretty amazing though :0)

Some times in life you some how just imagine stuff, or don’t question what you’re told….. Since being with my husband I’ve discovered a lot of my learnt ideas of history or things in general aren’t completely correct.
Heres a few that shocked me…..

1) cave men were’t around when the dinosaurs stomped earth!!!! At first I really couldn’t believe this was true!! I guess The Flintstone could be why I thought this!.

2) Only blind people could tune pianos!!! I think I believed this because our tuner at primary school was blind?

3) my dad has always said ” a couple of Three ” so stupidly I believed a couple was 3 things not 2! All my life I believed this. No wonder I never did well in Maths.